app dashboard

Take control of monitoring and operating your apiary

Manage your tasks, monitor harvests, keep notes on inspections, treatments and feeding.

Stay up to date with events in the apiary

Have access to what is happening in your apiary in an easy and clear way. A quick look at the list of hives will show you exactly what work needs to be done and what to remember.

Now you have your notes in one place! You have noticed a lack of food, bee bread, a swarming mood, etc. - just one click and it will be recorded!

Inbox user interface

Better understand what's going on in your hive

Thanks to the history of inspections, you can observe the development of the bee family and add harvest reports, which allows you to correctly assess the family. In one place you can check the history of feeding and treatment, which allows you to draw conclusions about the course of the wintering period. And the ability to create a to-do list prevents you from forgetting!

Customer profile user interface

Apiary operation with efficiency in mind

Planning and access to data in one place is the key to saving your time

Unlimited Apiaries

Add any number of apiaries and hives


With just a few clicks you can record the work carried out.


Record the fight against diseases, check the health of the bee family in history.


Prepare your bee family for winter!


Add crops and check the efficiency of your farm.

Queen monitoring

Check queens status, year and number.

To-Do List

Plan the tasks you need to perform in your apiary.

Manage Team Members






Group Work





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